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Opening Essence x3


Brief description of the Essence x3 server:

Rates: EXP x3, SP x3, Drop x1, Spoil x1, Adena x1

L-Coins are farmed after level 40 (15%)

One game window is available!

You can find a more detailed description in the "Server Description" or in our discord!



Permafrost and hot battles await everyone who dares to step on the threshold of a new interserver location. The gates of the ice castle are open! The more cohesive your clan will be, the higher the chances of victory over the Monarch of Ice Klakies and his advisers.

Additional features:

The maximum level is 99

Available equipment - up to A-rank (S-rank is being developed)

The possibility of installing teleportation portals

Capture of Forts

Daily Activities: Castle Siege, Epic Bosses, PVP events

Synthesis of runes for weapons

Installing Life Stone to get useful skills

The ability to improve equipment

Download FILES
To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files.
Download client Lineage 2 Essence x3 - 12.0 Gb
Mirro Download client Lineage 2 Essence x3 - 12.0 Gb
Download patch for Lineage 2 Essence x3 - 120 Mb